Win Fat Dogs and French Estates, Part II

The folks at French Property News and Beth Haslam have teamed up to offer prizes of signed copies of Fat Dogs and French Estates, Part II, to three lucky winners!

We clambered cautiously out of our cosy mobile cocoon, stood on the bleak gravel driveway and stared. Gérard had also parked in front of the property but was some distance away. It would take him a little time to reach us, so we took a moment to appreciate the size of this immense building. The architectural design was certainly similar to a Norman fortification, but more ornate.

‘Say what you like about the Templars, they certainly built things to last,’ said Jack.

Fat Dogs and French Estates, Part II

If you like the sound of some light armchair amusement at the unpredictable adventures of a British couple on the hunt for their perfect French domaine with a couple of portly dogs in tow, this is for you – and the second instalment of Beth Haslam’s memoir makes for as cheery reading as her last.

With six failures so far and six more properties to view, Beth and irrascible husband Jack continue their journey, meeting colourful characters and discovering beautiful parts of rural France along the way. But as tensions rise, Beth’s anxieties switch from househunting failures to fears that Jack is finally going to lose it altogether and come to blows with “yet another incompetent” estate agent. In spite of this, and a dog who insists on trying to die, they battle on exhausted, at least determined to realise their dream. Will it end in tears?

Beth writes with exceptional flair and fluidity, allowing her excellent command of English and perfect word choices to weave vivid description with
witty repartee.

We have three signed copies of Fat Dogs and French Estates: Part II to give away.

To enter the competition, click here.

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