Why Ant Press is my No.1 choice

We love it when authors sing our praises. And we love it even more when their newly-launched book becomes an Amazon #1 bestseller immediately. Like Jean Roberts’ A Kiss Behind the Castanets. Here’s what Jean had to say:

“I chose Ant Press because it is a small publishing house, and I have not been disappointed. As a newbie, and knowing nothing about publishing, I wanted to be guided through the process carefully and needed to trust someone else to have the knowledge that I didn’t have.

Ant Press has been amazing! I have worked with Jacky Donovan and have been lucky enough to have had one-to-one guidance from start to finish. I have had reassurance and advice given freely and patiently, with quick, friendly, and professional responses.

I am absolutely delighted with the final result and so impressed with Ant Press’ marketing performance and strategies. Within days of the release, my book had whizzed to No.1 in 3 New Release categories on Amazon and is now a No. 1 best seller with Amazon.

Ant Press offers a full-on, professional service that is at the same time nurturing and directive. I personally felt safe at all times and also felt that my book was in safe hands. It has been tweaked to make it better, but the essence remains the same.”

Thank you, Jacky Donovan and Ant Press. It’s been a pleasure, and I could not recommend your services any more highly.”

Jean Roberts
A Kiss Behind the Castanets

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Victoria Twead hides behind her ‘old fool’ soubriquet when in fact she is the most professional ebook publisher you could wish for. Most of my 25 or so books have been first published conventionally, but now we must embrace the e-reader, and the best way to do it is through Victoria and Ant Press.

Gordon Thorburn
Paradise Restored and the Good Life Survived