We love our job!

We were delighted to assist Martin Dale with publishing his book, “The Accidental Headteacher” which is now on sale on Amazon.

We were also delighted to receive this testimonial from the author.

Searching for a publisher can be a challenge for any aspiring author. There are plenty about who just want to take your money and run, but I wanted someone who’d been there, seen it, done it and tells it like it is. In Victoria Twead I found exactly that. Throughout the process she has done everything she promised and always displayed a healthy combination of encouragement, wisdom and patience. ‘The Accidental Headteacher’ wouldn’t have been possible without the input of Victoria and Ant Press and the end product is everything I hoped it would be.

Thank you, Martin, and good luck with your book.

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“I cannot recommend Ant Press enough. From the initial contact with Victoria who responded in a timely and personal way to Jacky’s meticulous and encouraging editing work, my experience has been totally positive.”

Vernon Lacey
South to Barcelona: A New Life in Spain