Two Old Fools Down Under on Amazon Pre-order

Ant Press is delighted to announce that the sixth book in Victoria Twead’s hugely popular Old Fools series is now available to pre-order from Amazon. If pre-ordered, Two Old Fools Down Under will magically float onto your Kindle on December 1st 2019.

When Vicky and Joe wave goodbye to their beloved Spanish village, they face their future in Australia with some trepidation. Now they must build a new life amongst strangers, snakes, and spiders the size of saucers. Accompanied by their enthusiastic new puppy, Lola, adventures abound, both heartwarming and terrifying.
Will the Two Old Fools embrace the Aussie way of life or is it time to stop gallivanting around the globe and return to Britain?

See more about Victoria Twead and the Old Fools series here, or jump straight to Amazon and pre-order.

The paperback and Large Print editions will appear on Amazon on December 1st 2019.

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“I cannot recommend Ant Press highly enough; lovely people and a very professional service. I am not technical or computer minded and could never have achieved all this for myself. It was great to not only receive the necessary services, but so much advice on promoting the books as well.”

Mandy Sheridan
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