Thanks, Lindy Viandier!

We were thrilled to see Lindy Viandier’s book, Damson Skies and Dragonflies, grab the #1 spot in Amazon categories, including #1 New Release in French Travel. We were equally thrilled to receive the following fabulous review from Lindy.

Damson Skies and Dragonflies

A friend has just asked me whether I would recommend Ant Press to help her publish her recently completed book and I answered ‘Absolutely’.

Ant Press are the most amazing team of professionals that took my very inexperienced manuscript and moulded it into a book. From Jacky Donovan’s diligent editing and infinite patience to Victoria Twead’s attention to detail ensuring that the formatting reflected the essence of my writing.

I am the least technical person on the planet, and on top of that experienced additional problems due to my own software. Ant Press literally held my hand and guided me through every process and obstacle with calm reassurance, enabling me to achieve things for myself and teaching me to make the publication of future books smoother.

They are approachable, friendly and have numerous resources to help authors – in particular, budding ones.

I felt that they took a personal interest in my book and cared very much about the end result.

My final advice to my friend was ‘Don’t hesitate, you won’t regret it.’

Thank you, Lindy!

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Ant Press’s help, guidance, encouragement and belief in me have been invaluable. I am sure many publishers would have given up on me, but Victoria wants the best for her authors and this ethos is ever present. I cannot speak more highly of Victoria, Joe and Ant Press and their patience and understanding of what newby authors go through.

John C T Miller
Colour Blind