Thanks for making us blush, Shirley Read-Jahn

Of course we were delighted to have helped author Shirley Read-Jahn to publish her latest children’s book, Wally and the Bushfire, now available in both paperback and Kindle ebook. But this testimonial made us glow.

“Ant Press’s Top Hen, Victoria Twead, has done it again, perfectly formatting the sixth book I’ve given her to work on for me to self-publish. This is Wally and the Bushfire, the second book in my Wally and the Water Dragon children’s book series.
Victoria always manages to make all my books look their best, and I’m always very happy with the results. She is not only very clever, full of fresh ideas, reliable, and very quick, but a total pleasure to work with.
Anyone who uses her Ant Press services is sure to come away completely satisfied and delighted.”
Shirley Read-Jahn

Wally, a young Australian water dragon, and his beloved friend, the little mouse called Pinky, are caught in an emergency. A terrible bushfire is raging and threatening to kill all in its path.
Can they outrun it?
How can Wally and Pinky help rescue all the creatures, great and small? What about the humans in the red-roofed house, and the mice living in the flowerpots on the deck? Will everyone be saved?
This delightful, educational, tale will charm children of 6-10 years old and all adults who love stories about Australian animals and nature.

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“Ant Press provides all the benefits of a small publishing company – they know their authors, care about each project, and pay close attention to every detail – and they’ve got the know-how and professionalism of a much bigger firm. But Ant Press is better. They go the extra mile to make sure each book is well-produced and properly launched. And they’re great to work with, making it fun to be a part of Ant Press.”

Karen McCann
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