“Victoria and the team at Ant Press are absolutely wonderful. From beginning to end of my publishing journey they have been supportive, patient and very efficient.
As somebody useless at IT, they have explained procedures in the simplest way, that even I could understand!
Such a buzz when I got the first copy of my book.
Thank you so much Victoria and the Ant Press team.”
Wendy Skerry
The Life of Heather May

“Searching for a publisher can be a challenge for any aspiring author. There are plenty about who just want to take your money and run, but I wanted someone who’d been there, seen it, done it and tells it like it is. In Victoria Twead I found exactly that. Throughout the process she has done everything she promised and always displayed a healthy combination of encouragement, wisdom and patience. ‘The Accidental Headteacher’ wouldn’t have been possible without the input of Victoria and Ant Press and the end product is everything I hoped it would be.”

Martin Dale
The Accidental Teacher

“I have nothing but praise for Victoria Twead and her team at Ant Press. From initial contact to delivering my novella ‘Joining the Dots’, Ant Press were incredibly supportive, organised, informed and informative. From producing and formatting through to the publishing, Victoria gave me the belief that the dream of having a physical copy of my own work of fiction could become a reality. Thank you so much for your professionalism and your kindness.”

Patrick O’Kane
Joining the Dots

“I have been amazed how quickly we have published, just over six weeks.  Ant Press has been extremely helpful, supportive and professional, and I look forward to sending you my next book later in the year.”

Rosie Mitchell
Open the Door: House-Sitting, Making the dream come true

“Victoria Twead and Ant Press have outdone themselves by giving my book the professional appearance that I was looking for. They were patient and flexible with the final design. In the end, my book was delivered in various formats, ready to upload to any self-publishing platform or to use on any e-reading device. I could not recommend them more.”

Sabina Ostrowska
The Crinkle Crankle Wall

I want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to you Victoria, and Ant Press, for all the help and suggestions given to me while bringing my book to life.
You made the process so smooth, fast, and effortless with your personal and friendly, no-nonsense, attention that I felt like I was your only author. No matter how stupid I thought some of my questions were, you always answered in an easy way for my senior brain to understand! You have been a huge breath of fresh air in this awful year of Covid, travel restrictions, and missing my family.
I absolutely love your passion for publishing and have no hesitation in recommending your 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ services so you can have more publishing buttons to push!
This experience has persuaded me to dust off old notes and start on another memoir just so that I can have the pleasure of working with you again!

Carol Nash
Highways and Thaiways

“A friend has just asked me whether I would recommend Ant Press to help her publish her recently completed book and I answered ‘Absolutely’.
Ant Press are the most amazing team of professionals that took my very inexperienced manuscript and moulded it into a book.
From Jacky Donovan’s diligent editing and infinite patience, to Victoria Twead’s attention to detail ensuring that the formatting reflected the essence of my writing.I am the least technical person on the planet, and on top of that experienced additional problems due to my own software. Ant Press literally held my hand and guided me through every process and obstacle with calm reassurance, enabling me to achieve things for myself and teaching me to make the publication of future books smoother.

They are approachable, friendly and have numerous resources to help authors – in particular, budding ones.

I felt that they took a personal interest in my book and cared very much about the end result.

My final advice to my friend was ‘Don’t hesitate’, you won’t regret it.”

Lindy Viandier
Damson Skies and Dragonflies

“I am so grateful to Victoria Twead at Ant Press for her work in designing and formatting my book. I had lost days and weeks to this challenge and I had lost hope of ever getting it over the line.
I approached Ant Press who  looked at my situation and offered the Bronze package, perfect for my book at that stage.
Victoria’s work has been creative, swift and thorough and it was exciting to wake up to messages from the other side of the world nearly every morning. There were still lots of decisions to be made but that was much easier with Victoria’s advice and support.
If you have put your all into your book and struggle with the inner mysteries of your computer, please save yourself the time and heartache and ask for help from Ant Press. You won’t regret it.”

“I have now had Ant Press assist me with four books. If you want a friendly service that is not only first class but honest, supportive and fairly costed, they are for you.”

Mandy Sheridan
Great Big Second Mother

“Working with Ant Press has been an incredibly positive experience from day one. Victoria was encouraging and enthusiastic and recommended that I work with Jacky Donovan. Any initial worries I may have had about handing over my manuscript were very soon dispelled. Jacky is a natural writer and storyteller herself and her innate ability to understand and inhabit the stories shone through from the very beginning. Her support throughout the entire process including post-publishing has been fabulous…don’t look anywhere else if you want a highly professional self-publishing experience.”

Bob Heath
Songs from a Window

Thank you to the Ant press team for guiding me towards publication in an efficient, friendly and professional way. From the outset, I was confident I’d made the right choice for my award winning memoir, Bombs and Bougainvillea. Jacky’s attention to detail, suggestions and interest in the subject went above and beyond, and I loved Victoria’s formatting suggestions and skills. The team created a beautiful cover and I could not be happier with the experience. The book shot up to No 1 in Amazon charts within days of publication. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Ant press again, and would highly recommend them. Thanks to all for making this dream come true.

Linda E Decker
Bombs and Bougainvillea

Nothing could be better than to have my favorite memoir writer guide me through the process of telling my story. Thank you, Victoria, for helping me make Windmills to Submarines: Memories of a Small Town Texas Kid 1938-1958 a reality.
A year ago, I sent you an email giving you a sample and summary of my story and my lack of technical skills. I had not even heard of Ant Press at that time. I just decided to write to the Top Hen after reading another of your books. Your encouraging and honest critique convinced me to pull my story out of the cardboard box where it had been for several years and do whatever was necessary to get my story published for myself and my family. I have now published ebook, paperback and large print editions of my book.
With Ant Press anything is possible.
Now I am convinced that the sequel of Windmills to Submarines will also be a reality. Tell Pauline to get her proofreading pen ready.
Thank you for encouraging an old first-time author. Dick

Richard Witte
Windmills to Submarines: Memories of a Small Town Texas Kid 1938-1958

Ant Press were the best choice for me, with the ideas and expertise to turn my draft words into something much better, quickly and with no fuss. Victoria and her team know exactly what to do and when, and come highly recommended.

Nick Smith
Oman, My Dear

Victoria Twead was fantastic, and I can highly recommend Ant Press to help you self-publish. Victoria was professional, patient, and knowledgeable. She did a fabulous job formatting both the kindle and paperback versions of my book. I just had to set up a kdp account and upload and Victoria held my hand all the way, which, as a first-timer author, was very reassuring! She also came up with some great ideas, including using one of my own paintings as a chapter header all the way through the book, which looks brilliant.

I am delighted with my finished book, it looks polished and refined, and Victoria’s infallible support and endless enthusiasm gave me the confidence to launch my book with pride.

Alyson Sheldrake
Living the Dream in the Algarve, Portugal

“Having enjoyed reading a well-written memoir that was published by Ant Press, I felt inspired to write my own. On completion, I approached Ant Press to see if they’d be interested in publishing my work. Being a first time memoir author, though, I was worried that I didn’t have the knowledge or confidence even to take those steps towards publication.
I needn’t have been concerned at all as from the very outset Victoria Twead made me feel very welcome and introduced me to one of her editors, Jacky Donovan. Jacky answered all my questions without delay and went beyond the call of duty to explain the whole publishing process to me.
In short, the people at Ant Press genuinely want the very best for their authors and couldn’t be more professional and caring about their work, too. Their attention to detail and quality is superb.
I’d recommend Ant Press to anyone wishing to see their work published professionally.”

Roy Clarke
The Sunny Side of the Alps

Victoria Twead of Ant Press walked me through every step of the way to reach professional standards for publishing my book “Crowning: True Stories of Birthing and Women in Nepal” (2019). Her personal knowledge, courteous manner, and meticulous attention to detail were some of her outstanding characteristics. Her patience and experience with formatting the book were blessings indeed. She had answers for me as an inexperienced, non-tech savvy person — responses and guidance that made the whole process easy.

Victoria and Ant Press have my Highest Recommendation.

Geeta Pfau, Ph.D.

I highly recommend Ant Press to any author looking to self-publish their books.

I was introduced to Jacky Donovan when I was looking for a copy editor. When I checked out one of her own books, I immediately realised that I would be dealing with a person who is a very skilled writer, so that was good enough for me.

I soon found out that, in addition to copy editing, she would also give me editing suggestions, arrange to format the book for both Kindle and print and help out with the artwork for the cover. In fact, she held my hand through the whole self-publishing process, including providing valuable help and suggestions for marketing when published.

What a find! Jacky is amazing. Her suggestions were always spot on and made with the book’s best interests in mind — she really knows what she is doing. On top of all that, I have made a lovely new friend.

Andy Hewitt
The Furthest Points: Motorcycle Travels Through Spain and Portugal

“I chose Ant Press because it is a small publishing house, and I have not been disappointed. As a newbie, and knowing nothing about publishing, I wanted to be guided through the process carefully and needed to trust someone else to have the knowledge that I didn’t have.

Ant Press has been amazing! I have worked with Jacky Donovan and have been lucky enough to have had one-to-one guidance from start to finish. I have had reassurance and advice given freely and patiently, with quick, friendly, and professional responses.

I am absolutely delighted with the final result and so impressed with Ant Press’ marketing performance and strategies. Within days of the release, my book had whizzed to No.1 in 3 New Release categories on Amazon and is now a No. 1 best seller with Amazon.

Ant Press offers a full-on, professional service that is at the same time nurturing and directive. I personally felt safe at all times and also felt that my book was in safe hands. It has been tweaked to make it better, but the essence remains the same.”

Thank you, Jacky Donovan and Ant Press. It’s been a pleasure, and I could not recommend your services any more highly.”

Jean Roberts
A Kiss Behind the Castanets

“Ant Press were amazing. They took care of everything. They were professional, very helpful with suggestions (that improved the book considerably) and responded to my emails very quickly. As someone whose computer skills are on a par with the morris dancing skills of  a camel, it was a source of great relief to have Ant Press at my side at every step. I would definitely use them again.”

John Redmond
The Alternative Christmas Letters

“Having had my first book published by a major NYC, I didn’t know what to expect when working with Victoria Twead and Ant Press.

What a revelation! She responds quickly, kindly, patiently, and accurately, and she’s a whiz at promotion and marketing. Six beta readers proofed my final manuscript. Within 24 hours of the eBook being available for pre-order, my memoir, Midwife: A Calling, was #1 in two of Amazon’s categories of similar content, and #5 in a third.

Best of all, from my perspective, was Victoria’s ability to calm my meltdown when facing computer and technology issues. She finally said, “I’ll do it for you. Just give me your password.” I did, and she did, and I slept soundly.

I’ll be writing at least two more books, and I’ll definitely use Ant Press again and again.”

Peggy Vincent
Midwife: A Calling

“I was delighted with the editing and publishing work done by Jacky Donavan and Ant Press on my children’s books.  Jacky made so much difference to the presentation of the books and was able to explain everything to me as we went along.  I am not technical or computer minded and could never have achieved all this for myself.  It was great to not only receive the necessary services, but so much advice on promoting the books as well.  I cannot recommend Ant Press highly enough; lovely people and a very professional service.”

Mandy Sheridan
The Mikie series of children’s books

“If you are lucky enough to publish with Ant Press, you are very lucky indeed. Victoria Twead and Jacky Donovan provided me with a full-on professional publishing effort and they did it with kindness, patience and a professionalism rarely seen. Jacky had an exquisite sense of my voice and her editorial expertise resulted in a book that captured the true feel and sense of my memoir. Her communications were always timely and on point and her unfailing good humor and encouragement helped me achieve my long held dream of publishing, Tell Me About It, the story of my clinical career.  Ant Press embodies the sayingTeamwork makes the dream work.”

Pinny Brakeley Bugaeff
Tell Me About It – Memoir of a Psychotherapist

“I cannot think of anyone I’d prefer to work with than Victoria Twead of AntPress. She helped me through every step of the way with the formatting necessary for me to self-publish both a print paperback and a kindle version of my book. She seemed to intuit what I needed before I could even think what it was I needed.

She is a dream to work with, handling all my inexperience with grace, alacrity, and complete knowledge of the publishing world. She also has a good helping of humour and patience; very necessary when dealing with a first-time-publishing writer. All of this was done for a reasonable fee.

I shall definitely hope to work with her on my next books, and I cannot praise or recommend AntPress highly enough.”

Shirley Read-Jahn
Prince Oliver Penguin and his friend, Olivia

“In one form or another I have been writing my entire adult life. I have worked with many different traditional publishers, newspapers and literary agents around the world. I truly wish I would have found Ant Press sooner.
My experience working with this company has been nothing short of amazing. Not only are they the very best in the business – but what sets them apart from the lot is that they truly care. They care not only about your writing and your success – but they also care about you as a person. They are not happy with the status quo and they go above and beyond to ensure all of their clients are 100% satisfied. They are responsive, thorough, meticulous and detailed. They really made this experience as stress-free as possible.
I highly recommend Ant Press, Victoria Twead and Jacky Donovan. Had I found Ant Press sooner I would have eliminated a lot of pain from my career as a writer and author.

Andrew C Branham

“We were very impressed with the fast service Victoria provided, regarding the editing and publishing of the book and making it available on many online retailers as fast as possible.

We recommend Ant Press to any writer looking to publish their works.”

Rashpal Rani Singh
Costa Women

As a first time author I can not recommend Ant Press enough. From the initial contact with Victoria who responded in a timely and personal way to Jacky’s meticulous and encouraging editing work my experience has been totally positive.

I can certainly recommend Victoria’s excellent ‘How To Write a Bestselling Memoir’. It is full of practical advice.

The feedback I got throughout Jacky’s kind and critically honest advice was always detailed and encouraging. Jacky is supremely efficient and my first memoir, ‘South to Barcelona’, is a better book thanks to her. Jacky is also social media savvy and freely passes on her knowledge of how to improve book exposure and promotion.

In summary, I am confident that I can apply what I have learnt to improve as a writer.”

Vernon Lacey
South to Barcelona: A New Life in Spain

“After self-publishing my first memoir and alligator wrestling the Kindle version into place, I joined We Love Memoirs on Facebook. I fit right into the group with shared interests of travel, culture, animals and humor. Subsequently, I submitted my second memoir to Ant Press and it was accepted!  Working with Jacky Donovan turned out to be fun and she showed great enthusiasm for my manuscript. Also, since I struggle with low vision, I didn’t have to worry about all the technical aspects of publishing. Jacky’s eagle eyes caught all my niggling errors and she saw to it all my files uploaded properly. Guess what? No more toothy smiles from the cunning Kindle ‘gator! Jacky also patiently taught me about marketing, including how to set up promotions. My Kindle reached bestseller status and stayed there for five days! Even though Jacky travels extensively, she maintains strong communication and ensures an author’s work is her top priority. It’s been a great experience working with Jacky and the Ant Press team, which has enabled me to move to the next level in my writing and become friends with other memoir writers.

Amy Bovaird
Cane Confessions: The Lighter Side to Mobility

“As a first time author, I had no idea what to expect during the publishing process. I heard many a story on how often the author lost part of their voice and much of the control went to the publishing company themselves. I never once felt that with Ant Press or Jacky Donovan. The personal touch was remarkable from beginning to end.
Jacky walked me through the process step by step and eased my mind with her speed at answering any inquiry I may have had. She cared about me personally and the message I was trying to convey making sure my voice was not lost in the editing process. I never once questioned choosing Ant Press and am very grateful for the experience.

Pj Laube
Moment of Surrender

“As a first time author who thought a book was done when the last word of the draft was typed, I am very grateful to Ant Press and my editor Jacky Donovan for helping and mentoring me through the daunting challenges of editing, cover design, publishing, and publicity. I felt that my editor cared about me personally, and my book’s message, as she professionally guided me through the journey and mentored me towards becoming a better writer.

The biggest compliment I can give is that I trust my family’s story to her and to Ant Press. Thank you for standing in my corner on this publishing journey!

Cinda Adams Brooks
Heartprints of Africa

“Working with Ant Press has been effortless. I contacted this publishing company with a book and no idea how to get it from A to B. Victoria Twead and Jacky Donovan talked me through every step of the journey, offering advice and guiding me.

I am thrilled with the finished product, with the service that this incredibly friendly company provided and I feel like I have gained some wonderful friends. Rather than taking over and running with it, we worked together and I learned so much. I cannot fault Ant Press in any way and would highly recommend them. Looking forward to presenting my next book to them in the future.

Lorna McCann
How Not to be a Soldier

“Quite simply, Ant Press was fundamental to the success of my book. Self-publishing, particularly for a first-time author, feels daunting and lonely; Victoria’s input, proofing skills and thorough knowledge made the whole process easier and much more enjoyable.

Knowing the support you need is only an email away… Well, who needs a publishing deal? I cannot recommend Ant Press highly enough.”

Sophie McCoy
Tales from the Coop

“Ant press went above and beyond my expectations in formatting my memoir. I highly recommend their services.” 

Mary Schmidt
When Angels Fly

“Victoria and Ant Press have been a massive help to me as a first time author. Victoria is always available to ask advice and their service was quick and pain-free.

My ebook is now an Amazon bestseller and I couldn’t be happier.”

Alan Parks
Seriously Mum, What’s an Alpaca?
Seriously Mum, Where’s that Donkey?

“Publishing a new book can be very daunting for authors, whether new, or already published. It’s great to find Ant Press who have experienced both sides of the process as Authors AND Publishers. Thanks Ant Press for sharing your experience, advice, integrity and help during the editing and publication of Costa Women’s first book! We would thoroughly recommend your service to others.”

Ali Meehan
Costa Women

“Ant Press provides all the benefits of a small publishing company – they know their authors, care about each project, and pay close attention to every detail – and they’ve got the know-how and professionalism of a much bigger firm. I knew I was in good hands from the first moment. My previous book was handled by a large American company, and they did a very good job. But Ant Press is better. They go the extra mile to make sure each book is well-produced and properly launched. And they’re great to work with, making it fun to be a part of Ant Press.”

Karen McCann
101 Ways to Enjoy Living Abroad

“If I haven’t thanked you before, I would like to officially thank Ant Press, (both Vicky and Joe) for your dedication, hard work, putting up with me, your encouragement, and all the other adjectives which have helped me on my way to at last getting ‘The Multicoloured Hat’ established.

You have been amazing, more than the call of duty.”

Barbra Dean,
The Multicoloured Hat

“It was so exciting to see the finished version of our book up there for all to buy for the first time. From the very first discussion to the finished project, I felt in very safe and capable hands. Each step was explained in detail so I knew exactly where I was and what was next throughout.

Victoria and Joe’s attention to detail was amazing and their friendly, professional and personal approach made eveything go smoothly and stress free. I would recommend them without hesitation and will use Ant Press again for sure! Thank you so much.”

Gayle MacDonald
Mouth-Watering Spanish Recipes

“You have my undying gratitude for your patience, your kindness and all of your personal and extra help which has been vital to achieve this production. Let’s hope we can work together again on my next one (which is half finished by the way!)”

Ella Durham
Ebony Blood

“I self-published my first book and was pleased with the results. But I still felt there were markets out there into which I could break but hadn’t yet done so. I’d met Victoria Twead on Facebook so approached her about putting my sequel with Ant Press.

I have been absolutely delighted with the arrangement, from the amount of time and effort which went into getting the manuscript just right, to the pleasure of seeing how well it is doing in those new markets.
Ant Press are totally professional but always very friendly and approachable. I could not recommend them highly enough.”

Tottie Limejuice
Sell the Pig
Is that Billinge Lump?

“I am so pleased I chose to publish my book through Ant Press. Victoria was not only speedy and wonderfully thorough, but always happy to answer any questions I had with helpful emails – such a bonus for a technophobe such as myself.”

Tim John
Adventures in La-La Land

“Thank you Victoria for your speed and clarity in getting my book “out there” and for your willingness to help another Old Fool enter a new world.”

Woody Starkweather
Monsieur le Président

“In the short time it has taken Victoria Twead, on behalf of Ant Press, to make my book available to the public, I have got to know her as a patient friend. She has dealt with every enquiry and problem with impressive efficiency and professionalism accompanied by a personal touch that made me feel valued as a writer. I have felt totally involved in the whole process, which has been very reassuring for this novice! I look forward to working with Victoria again soon, knowing that I will be in safe hands.

And I mean every word!”

Susan Navas
The Rise of Agnil

“I am a first time author, and Ant Press’s help, guidance, encouragement and belief in me have been invaluable. I am sure many publishers would have given up on me, but Victoria wants the best for her authors and this ethos is ever present.

No matter how trivial the enquiry might have been, she was always willing to help and give answers to questions others might have considered to be pointless.

I cannot speak more highly of Victoria, Joe and Ant Press and their patience and understanding of what newby authors go through.”

John C T Miller
Colour Blind

“I had self-published my book previously and it was a difficult and lonely journey. This time it has been a much easier and enjoyable venture with Victoria’s guidance and support and my confidence in her wealth of knowledge and expertise.”

Saffron Mello Castro
A Thousand Miles from Nowhere

“I had a more than wonderful experience with ANT PRESS.  Victoria responded to my arcane questions and suggestions usually within minutes with cogent helpful information in a lively personal manner, even occasionally after midnight on weekends.  How could anyone ask for more?

Joe’s editing and Victoria’s helpful suggestions and willingness to accommodate my preferences clearly improved my book and made the entire publishing experience a smooth, pleasant and rapid one.  I’m extremely satisfied with ANT PRESS and highly recommend them.”

Jay Newman
Savoring Sicily

“As a first time author I’m so glad I decided to go with a publisher and even more thankful that it was Ant Press. Victoria has been so patient even when I’m obsessing about something late into a Sunday night (book cover colour). She must have a degree in psychology and remaining calm under fire. I’m delighted with the final result and should I ever be moved to write another memoir, Ant Press would be my choice.”

Jill Stoking
Joan’s Descent into Alzheimer’s

“It has been a joy to work with Ant Press during the publication of my first book. Victoria has provided me with unlimited support through the whole process, always on hand to answer questions and guiding me through the more technical issues with admirable patience.

My book became a bestseller within two days of publishing, then later a New York Times bestseller. I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have discovered such a friendly and professional publisher.

Quite simply I could not recommend Ant Press highly enough and sincerely hope that I will have the pleasure of working with them again in the future.”

Charlotte Smith
Paw Prints in Oman

“Victoria is experienced, meticulous, helpful, gentle, critical, and savvy – everything a writer needs in an editor and publisher. Beyond her numerous professional skills, Vicky is truly kind. I would recommend without hesitation Ant Press to any writer looking for support and guidance.”

Julie Freed

Ant Press were the publishers of my first two books.  Being a complete newcomer to the publishing world, I was overawed by the amount of help, encouragement and guidance offered by Victoria Twead.  Both of my books have reach Amazon’s No.1 position in their category, which I am sure would not have happened without the help of Ant Press.  By my third book I was ready to ‘go solo’ but still used the incredibly professional services of Ant Press for formatting.

I can highly recommend Ant Press to any writer, be they complete novices or established authors.  To say that Victoria Twead goes above and beyond the call of duty in helping her authors is an immense understatement. Ant Press ROCKS!

Ann Patras
The Into Africa series

Instagram Feed

Thank you Victoria for your speed and clarity in getting my book “out there” and for your willingness to help another Old Fool enter a new world.

Woody Starkweather
Monsieur le Président