Seven reasons why authors should publish Large Print editions

Fact. Large print books are gaining hugely in popularity. But what exactly is a Large Print edition? The truth is, there is much more to a Large Print book than just a regular paperback with larger-sized type.

A correctly formatted Large Print book is a thing of beauty and a pleasure to hold in your hands and read. Every element in a properly formatted Large Print edition is considered. This includes chapter titles, page numbering, headers and footers. There are fewer words on each line, and not as many lines on a page. However, the outside margins may be narrower than a regular book, while the central gutter may be wider to accommodate a greater number of pages.

Ant Press produces beautiful ebooks, paperbacks, and now offers authors Large Print options, too. If you are choosing to self-publish, we can do all the formatting and hand you the finished files to upload to KDP.


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Seven reasons why publishing Large Print editions is a great idea:

  • Amazon sells Large Print books alongside your ebook and regular paperback.
  • Books on Amazon’s KDP Expanded Distribution are also available to libraries. 
  • Libraries are always looking for Large Print books to stock.
  • Did you know (on average) books are replaced by libraries after every 27 borrows?
  • Older folk often don’t enjoy reading ebooks, and struggle to read regular print books.
  • As the population gets older, the demand for Large Print books is ever increasing.
  • It makes sense to add another book, and another potential source of income, to your list.
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“Having had my first book published by a major NYC, I didn’t know what to expect when working with Victoria Twead and Ant Press. What a revelation! She responds quickly, kindly, patiently, and accurately, and she’s a whiz at promotion and marketing. I’ll be writing at least two more books, and I’ll definitely use Ant Press again and again.”

Peggy Vincent
Midwife: A Calling