Peter Barber and the Parthenon series

Breaking news! Open the champagne! We couldn’t be more excited! Ant Press will be publishing the Parthenon series with Peter Barber in future!

Work has already begun on producing a vibrant new version of the first book, “A Parthenon on our Roof”. Charly Fuller has steam coming out of her ears as she applies colour to all her delightful original illustrations which will be much enjoyed by Kindle readers. She’s also working on a stunning new eye-catching cover.

But that’s not all! Peter has been busy writing and “A Parthenon on our Roof” will have a whole new bonus chapter when it is launched, plus an excerpt of the next book.

So, what happens next? The second book in the Parthenon series is well underway and set to launch later this year. It’s just as good, if not better, than the first, and we know you will love it. It’s called “A Parthenon in Pefki” and continues the story of Peter and Alex’s Anglo-Greek marriage, and their love of Greece. This book, and more in the Parthenon series, will all be available in Kindle, paperback, hardback and large print editions.

With Peter’s fabulous, engaging writing, Nicky Taylor’s careful editing, and Charly Fuller’s charming artwork, we have ourselves a dream team.

[raises glass] So please join me (Victoria Twead of Ant Press) and the Parthenon team in wishing Peter and Alex a happy, exciting future and heaps of books for us to enjoy.
[whispers] Okay, put the glass down now, Peter, and get back to your writing…  [cracks whip]

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Ant Press’s help, guidance, encouragement and belief in me have been invaluable. I am sure many publishers would have given up on me, but Victoria wants the best for her authors and this ethos is ever present. I cannot speak more highly of Victoria, Joe and Ant Press and their patience and understanding of what newby authors go through.

John C T Miller
Colour Blind