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Amazon and some other platforms offer automatic paperback and ebook converters. You simply feed your Word doc in, and the system produces a file for paperback or ebook.

Sadly, unless you have formatted your Word doc perfectly, the layout of your paperback may not work, margins and page numbers may be wrong. Chapters may not begin on a right-hand page, as they should. Headers and footers will be missing or misplaced.

The same applies to your ebook. The TOC (table of contents) may not function, there may be inexplicable gaps, text may not be justified, links may not be live and the resulting ebook will be littered with formatting errors which is hugely disappointing for the author.

Both your paperback and ebook will look amateurish and earn you scathing reviews from readers, however good your book’s content is.

With this in mind, Ant Press can now offer a brand-new service using the latest formatting software.

Send us your manuscript as a Word doc, and we will format and convert it into a beautiful paperback AND ebook, listening to your requests all the way. You can then upload it onto Amazon. We won’t change a word, and we guarantee that not only will the text look professional, but the paperback and ebook will load perfectly onto Amazon.

How will it look?

We offer a large range of styles for you to choose from. Drop capitals, ornamental scene breaks, fonts, headers and footers, you decide!

Some ebook style examples

How long will it take?

From one week to a month, dependent on your requirements and the formatter’s workload. We will agree on a schedule with you prior to taking on the work.

How much will it cost me to have my manuscript professionally formatted for BOTH paperback and ebook?

Up to 50,000 words $299 USD, or £240, or €299 or $360 AUD.

50,000 to 100,000 words $499 USD, or £440, or €480, or $760 AUD.

Over 100,000 words, negotiable.

We are excited to announce we can now also offer LARGE PRINT editions of your book. These are fast growing in popularity and are often bought by libraries.

If we are formatting your book as an ebook and paperback, add $55USD, or £40, or €59, or $75AUD and we’ll produce a Large Print version, too.

What does this include?

  1. Your Word doc will be converted into a professionally set out paperback ready to upload to Amazon. You will receive a fully complete PDF file for uploading, complete with front and back matter set out correctly.
  2. Your Word doc will also be converted into a beautiful, flowing ebook, with working Table of Contents and links, ready to upload to Amazon or e-retailers of your choice.

You will receive 5 files:

  • A PDF file of the paperback interior to upload onto Amazon or any other platforms of your choice
  • A special Kindle epub file for uploading to Amazon
  • A generic epub file for uploading to Apple iBooks, Kobo, Nook, Scribd, Tolino, Overdrive (libraries), Inktera, Playster, etc.
  • A mobi file (Kindle) complete with the cover you provide, which you can give away to reviewers, or as prizes in competitions, or other promotional projects.
  • An epub file (for any other ereader) complete with the cover you provide, which you can give away to reviewers, or as prizes in competitions, or other promotional projects.

Your formatter will work with you personally as every book has unique requirements.

Can I include photographs or sketches in my paperback and ebook?

Yes. You can choose the size and placement style, with or without captions.

How much does it cost to include images?

Chapter head images, FREE if the same image is repeated for each chapter. Otherwise see below.

1 – 5 extra images with or without captions, FREE.

After that, add $1.40 USD, or £1, or 1.20 euro, or $2 AUD per image.

How much does it cost to make changes later?

There will be no charge for the first three minor changes made within two weeks of handover.

After two weeks, a batch of amendments (up to 10) will cost $15 USD, or £10, or 12 euros, or $16 AUD for each edition (paperback, ebook, large print).


One of our End-to-End Publishing Packages might suit you better. These can include editing, proofreading, formatting for paperback, large print and ebook, cover design, global publishing, plus a host of other services including social media promotion, free 3D images of your book for marketing and blog exposure.


How do I apply?

Just email us at telling us your total word count and roughly how many images will need to be placed. We can then give you a price. Please write Query in the subject line to avoid being blocked by spam police.

What will you need when you accept my manuscript?

Your formatter will require a single Word doc or Pages, or Rich Text document with the book’s title and author.

Any preface, introduction, forward, dedication, epilogue etc. should be clearly marked.

Your chapters should be clearly separated.

Scene breaks should be marked by three or more asterisks, NOT blank lines, so they can be spotted easily.

Blank lines should be deleted between paragraphs.

It is acceptable to send images separately, and create markers for the images within the text, e.g. ***Pic 1 Rover the Dog, Caption: Rover with his bone.

If your formatter is not clear about any issue, he/she will contact you and ask.

How do I pay?

Paypal is acceptable, or direct bank deposit. We ask for 50% deposit, and the final 50% on completion.

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