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Congratulations to author Patrick George O’Kane whose book, Joining the Dots is already creating a stir in the Scottish community. The book, starring characters Danny and Charlie, is loosely based on Patrick’s own experience growing up in the area, with Patrick being Danny and his best friend filling the role of the story’s other protagonist.

Cocky, cheeky, ‘gallus’ joker, Charlie, and his best mate – sensitive, academic Danny – battle to make sense of the world in a 1970s Scottish comprehensive school. The unlikely pair must navigate their way through numerous obstacles — parents, teachers, girls, eccentric characters and the all-important body image.
Can their friendship and resilience defeat the constant threat of school bullies? Follow the teenagers’ adventures in this hilarious, hard-hitting, rites-of-passage novella.

Amazon Link: Joining-the-Dots

Amazon Link: Joining the Dots

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