How to Write a Bestselling Memoir

We came across this great Insta pic from @aribartels showing Victoria Twead’s “How To Write a Bestselling Memoir“. 

She says, “??? ?? ?? ?????? ✐ It’s funny how I came to the conclusion I wanted to write a memoir. I was sat at my desk in work on a night shift, all the patients were asleep, and I pondered how I could spend this time more productively rather than just playing on my Nintendo switch or reading the news. I’d done all my nursing work too, so it’s not like I’d been unproductive. Voila! The memoir was born. I played with the idea for a few days before I actually committed myself to it, just to make sure it wasn’t simply night shift fatigue that made me want to tell my story.” 

Good luck, and happy writing! We hope Victoria’s top tips inspire you! She’s been a  New York Times bestselling author three times, so she knows a thing or two about memoirs.

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How to Write a Bestselling Memoir

 How does one write, publish and promote a memoir? How does one become a bestselling author?

Victoria Twead is the British author of the hugely successful “Old Fools” memoir series. Even before her books hit the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists, emails flooded in seeking her advice.

Drawing from many years of experience, Victoria has produced this handbook which offers a wealth of information and tips to the memoir writer. It is crammed with Victoria Twead’s secrets and will guide you simply through the whole process of producing a bestselling memoir.

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You have my undying gratitude for your patience, your kindness and all of your personal and extra help which has been vital to achieve this production. Let’s hope we can work together again on my next one ( which is half finished by the way!)

Ella Durham
Ebony Blood