How one brave, stray cat became a worldwide hero

We are thrilled to add Simon Ships Out: How one brave, stray cat became a worldwide hero to the Ant Press portfolio.

When Simon, a mischievous young cat, is smuggled on board HMS Amethyst, his simple life amidst the streets of Hong Kong is transformed into an adventure fit for heroes.

​But alongside new friend Peggy, the ship’s dog, he discovers a mortal enemy.

Based on the true events of Amethyst’s ‘Yangtze Incident’, Simon’s quirky yet emotional cat’s eye narrative is sure to move and entertain all who read it.

Simon Ships Out: How one brave, stray cat became a worldwide hero is available for purchase from Amazon.

Simon Ships Out

Author Jacky Donovan might not have nine lives, but she does have a few. Bored with being a ‘Stepford’ housewife, Jacky packed her bags and headed to London just over a decade ago. She’s now an established author and, more importantly, curious about cats.

In between her writing, she has recently trekked to see Mount Everest; tandem jumped from a tiny plane; been on Canarian TV due to her crazy long fingernails; escaped from a yoga holiday in a dinghy; and regularly does charity work for Breast Cancer and Gay Pride. She is a regular contributor to Huffington Post and Sabotage Times and currently spends her time between London and Gran Canaria.

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