Hooray! Even more Fresh Eggs from Nick Albert

We are delighted to announce that the third book in Nick Albert’s bestselling series is now available from Amazon. Find out how Nick and his wife are coping with living the dream in rural Ireland in Fresh Eggs and Dog Beds, Book 3.

Fresh Eggs and Dog Beds at Ant Press

For Nick and Lesley Albert, swapping the hectic intensity of modern Britain for the peace of a tumble-down farmhouse in rural west Ireland was like a dream come true. But three years later, with the economy crashing and the house refurbishments unfinished, their plan for a tranquil life is falling apart.

Are they in danger of replicating the very lifestyle they had hoped to escape, or can they get their lives back on track? Only time will tell.

Chock-full of laughter and with a few tears too, this third instalment of their quirky life in County Clare sees these whimsical chicken farmers forge ahead with the renovations, make new friends, rescue more dogs, eat a lot of cake and dance joyfully, whilst enduring floods, droughts, fire and ice, and debating the curious problem of what to do with 300 eggs.

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Amazon Link: Fresh Eggs and Dog Beds, Book 3

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