Butting Heads in Spain: Lady Goatherder 1

Butting Heads in Spain: Lady Goatherder 1

By Diane Elliott

Available in Paperback, Hardback, Large Print and eBook editions.

What they needed was a miracle. What they got was a Spanish goatherder named Antonio.

When a middle-aged English couple moves to rural Spain, they are blissfully unaware that their dreams of running a small pony trekking business would be scuppered within six weeks of arriving. A sun-filled future looks bleak until a neighbour takes charge.

As well as embarking on a crash course in goat midwifery and veterinary care, they also learn cliff climbing, bridge building and more than a little kung-fu.

Will a goat, a sheep and two dogs rescue the couple as they battle to survive?

“Gripping, fun and full of animal magic. This quirky memoir will charm you.”  Beth Haslam, author of the Fat Dogs and French Estates series.

“Orange-munching goats and dogs who speak with a Prince Charles accent, I loved this book.” Elizabeth Moore, author of the Someday Travels series and Top 1000 Amazon reviewer.

“What a gorgeous book. I laughed and (happy) cried from start to finish.” Victoria Twead, New York Times bestselling author of the Old Fools series.

“A joy, a delightful mix of tense and tender moments.” Julie Haigh, Goodreads Librarian and Top 500 Amazon reviewer.

Book Themes

Spain, Andalucia, farming, goats, animals

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Butting Heads in Spain: Lady Goatherder 1

Lady Goatherder 2 coming soon.

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