Writers aim to produce great books that people will want to read, but they torment themselves with self-doubt. I know this because I’ve been writing all my life. I’m lucky; my books are Amazon bestsellers and have hit the New York Times bestseller list several times, and I have a loyal following of readers. But that didn’t happen overnight. It took a lot of work, and I have picked up numerous tips along the way which I’m happy to pass on to fellow writers.

I don’t have time to read and edit entire books anymore, but I do enjoy critiquing. I can tell you if I think your theme will interest readers, whether your style is engaging, and your “voice” strong. I’ll tell you how to improve your work, if it needs it. Perhaps your characters are a little bland, or your descriptions lack atmosphere, or you need to vary your sentences more. Perhaps your dialogue needs attention, or you tend to repeat the same grammatical error.

I am a fresh pair of eyes. I have had decades of experience. I can help.

A critique is much more than having mistakes identified. It’s a tool for development. Friends and family will always tell you what you want to hear, but I’ll be honest. I’ll also point out your strengths so that you can build on those.

I guarantee to spend at least 5 hours critiquing your 5,000 words.

Show me 5,000 of your words, and I’ll gently guide you towards success.


I am happy to accept memoir and most genres of fiction. I will not take erotica and may refuse certain books if I don’t feel I can add value.

I need 5,000 words as a Word doc file, Pages file, PDF or Rich Text file. It could be the book’s beginning or any part of it.

Tell me a little about your book. For instance: What is the theme? Why did you write it? Who do you see as your readers? How long is it? How many chapters? Are you planning a series?

Send your email, with attachment, to with the subject CRITIQUE QUERY or your email may be swallowed by spam filters.

If I accept it, I’ll reply with an invoice for 50% of the total price in the currency of your choice.

Allow two weeks to a month for work to be completed, and expect questions from me if something needs clarifying.

Note: You may consider this as a positive first step to being accepted for publishing by Ant Press at a later date. An Ant Press contract cannot be guaranteed, but in most cases, we’ll be able to help you edit, format, design a cover and publish your book.


USD 398
GBP 328
EURO 358
AUD 558

If you have any questions, do email me at

Victoria Twead

Thank you so much!  I totally get what you’re saying and have started changing some of my descriptions to dialogue instead so I can “show” rather than “tell”. I also want to say that I was nodding my head in agreement with your examples of how to include dialogue, they were brilliant!

Elaine S (Author)

Thank you so much, I found this critique invaluable and will take the recommendations you gave. Thank you again for the information – I will be sure to follow your advice!

Fawn S (Author)

Thank you. Victoria, for your encouraging comments and helpful suggestions. I love your suggestion to use italics and centering the thoughts and I appreciated your examples.

Kate M (Author)
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“Ant Press went above and beyond my expectations in formatting my memoir. I highly recommend their services.”

Mary Schmidt
When Angels Fly