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Why should I offer my book for an Ant Press contract?

Good question! Compare what we offer with other companies…

  1. If we offer you a publishing contract, you pay NOTHING – the risk is all ours.
  2. You won’t be dealing with a faceless company; we are always on the end of an email. Speak to us whenever you want. When we accept a book, we also accept the author and we want to build a happy relationship together.
  3. We will make sure your paperback is made available on multiple selling platforms including all Amazon territories (US, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, India, Japan, Canada, etc.) It will be added to distribution lists including Barnes and Noble. Likewise, your ebook will be uploaded to B&N, Apple ibooks, Kobo, Overdrive (who supply libraries), Scribd and many more online retailers unless you prefer to utilise the Amazon Select program for your digital book. 
  4. Unlike other publishing companies, we pay monthly and will give you a complete breakdown of how many books you sold, and where they were sold.
  5. If you don’t already have one, we will design a unique book cover for you, using your preferred image.
  6. We will make every effort to help market your book using social media, and help you to self-promote. We have a big following of readers who are looking for great memoirs.
  7. We will spotlight and sell your book from our website. Your book will be given its own page and we will blog about it.
  8. In most cases, we will also publish your book as a Large Print Edition.

What genre of book does Ant Press accept for contract?

Memoirs are our favourite and we particularly welcome series. 

Will Ant Press accept any book?

Absolutely not. We will only accept books we love and believe in.  However, if we can’t offer you a contract, we can offer other options.

Do I need an agent?


What will it cost me if my book is offered a contract by Ant Press?

NOTHING. We are not a ‘Vanity Press’. We will assist the author with the editing and proofreading. We will consult with you and help you with the cover design (unless you already have one). We will take care of the ISBN, setup/formatting and list the ebook in major outlets like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, etc. unless we decide together that Amazon’s Select program would suit you better. We will also spotlight and sell your book on our website, create your unique Author Page and mention you on social media.

Does Ant Press pay an ‘advance’?


Do I still own all my rights?

Yes, of course. The book is always yours. We will sell your book for you for 2 years from date of first publication. After that, you can either continue with us for another two years, or we will delete it from our lists. If you are approached for translation rights, or create movie or TV interest, you are free to take up any offers. If you want to leave Ant Press, you are free to do so after 2 years from date of first publication. In special circumstances this may be negotiable.

How does it work?

With your approval, Ant Press will proofread and edit your manuscript and together we’ll create an attractive cover. Ant Press will then format it for both paperback and ebook, and in many cases, large print for visually impaired readers.

The paperback edition will be published and sold on all the Amazon territories and distributed to many other outlets around the world. The ebook will appear on major platforms such as Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Scribd, etc. unless you choose to join the Amazon Select program.

As sales roll in, you will keep 75% of the income.

What about the marketing?

Even the best book relies on marketing, and our strength is the memoir market. We have a huge following of readers hungry for good memoirs. However, we expect you to take much of the responsibility by social networking using Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, etc) but we have plenty of experience in this field and will guide you. In addition, we, too, will market your book, depending on which niche it fits into. After all, the more books we sell, the more it benefits both you and us.

Yes, I’d like to submit my book, how do I send Ant Press a submission?

Send your MS to us at admin@antpress.org with the word Query in the subject line to avoid getting blocked by spam filters. Include a covering note explaining what your MS is, how many words, and the first few chapters – you choose how much. If we like it, we’ll ask for the complete MS.

You will receive a decision usually within two weeks, often sooner. Please don’t send outlines or suggestions for books; it needs to be complete.

So, what are you waiting for?

Email: Admin@AntPress.org

or contact Victoria directly for a chat

If you’d like a FREE download of How to Write a Bestselling Memoir, we’ll be happy to send you one.

What about if I’m not really looking for a publishing contract? 

Ant Press offers some very affordable alternative services.
Formatting service for paperback and ebook
Preserving Family Memories
Complete end-to-end publishing packages
Submissions for an Ant Press contract

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