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Maybe you need help to polish your manuscript?

Most authors struggle to edit and proofread their own writing in order to produce a professional manuscript suitable for self-publishing. It’s impossible to see one’s own mistakes, and well-meaning friends and family are not professional. Badly written material will earn you scathing reviews from readers, however good your story is.

With this in mind, Ant Press can edit/and or proofread your book for you. You may simply want your book proofread, or you may require other services such as deeper developmental editing, structural copy editing, writing of a synopsis or author biography. Indeed, you may want an end-to-end service that takes care of everything, even the cover, formatting and publishing of both paperback and ebook.

Our editorial professionals are skilled editors who have taken numerous authors to bestseller status.

How long will it take?

We aim to give you a proposal within 2 weeks of receiving your manuscript.

How much does this service cost?

Pricing is customised, dependent on the length and content of your manuscript, your needs and the amount of work we believe it requires.

Can you prepare the book for final publication?

Yes, we can format for ebook and paperback publishing platforms. Please see our ebook and paperback formatting services or ask about our end-to-end deals.


One of our End-to-End Publishing Packages might suit you better. These can include editing, proofreading, formatting for paperback, large print and ebook, cover design, global publishing, plus a host of other services including social media promotion, free 3D images of your book for marketing and blog exposure.


How do I pay?

Paypal or direct bank deposit.

What do you need to start work?

Both your editor or proofreader will require a single Word document with the book’s title and author.

Any preface, introduction, forward, dedication, epilogue, etc. should be clearly marked.

Your chapters should be clearly separated.

Scene breaks should be marked by three or more asterisks.

Blank lines should be deleted between paragraphs.

If your editor is not clear about any issue, he/she will contact you and ask.

How do I apply?

Send us the opening chapters of your book and your word count.

Tell us which service you require. Either:

  1. Your book proofread, or,
  2. A professional in-depth developmental edit from one of our highly experienced professional editors.

We can then give you a price quote. Please write Query in the subject line to avoid being blocked by spam police. admin@antpress.org

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Victoria Twead hides behind her ‘old fool’ soubriquet when in fact she is the most professional ebook publisher you could wish for. Most of my 25 or so books have been first published conventionally, but now we must embrace the e-reader, and the best way to do it is through Victoria and Ant Press.

Gordon Thorburn
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