(Note: We also offer Editorial and Paperback and Ebook formatting services.)

Amazon and some other platforms offer book cover converters. You can choose an existing image, or submit your own and the system automatically produces a template to which you can add text. Sadly, the result is often restricting, hugely disappointing and unprofessional. Often the system, like Amazon’s, doesn’t allow you to download your cover design to your own computer.

Contrary to popular belief, readers do judge a book by its cover and an unattractive cover will deter buyers, however good your book’s content is.

Ant Press can now offer assistance with cover design service when you purchase our Editorial and Ebook/Paperback formatting Services.

Not only will the cover look professional, but it will load perfectly onto Amazon and publishing platforms.

How will it look?

All cover design is bespoke and based on the content of your book.

How long will it take?

We will agree a schedule with you prior to taking on the work.

How much does this service cost?

We will discuss different cover options and pricing with you when you submit your manuscript for our other publishing services. The basic price is just £75, or $99US, or €85, or $130AUD,  if you are providing an image we can work with.

What does this include?

We will work with you personally as every book has unique requirements. We will supply you with the following files:

  • High-resolution PDF for paperback, front and back CMYK
  • High-resolution jpeg for ebook, RGB

Can I supply an image for my book?

Yes. We can advise you as to whether any images you supply are appropriate.

How do I pay?

Paypal is acceptable, or direct bank deposit.

How do I apply?

Just email us at asking for more information. Please write Query in the subject line to avoid being blocked by spam police.


If you may prefer an end-to-end deal which includes everything: editing, proofreading, formatting for paperback, large print and ebook, cover design and global publishing, plus a host of other services, just ask! Please write Query in the subject line to avoid being blocked by spam police.

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Victoria Twead hides behind her ‘old fool’ soubriquet when in fact she is the most professional ebook publisher you could wish for. Most of my 25 or so books have been first published conventionally, but now we must embrace the e-reader, and the best way to do it is through Victoria and Ant Press.

Gordon Thorburn
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