Beth Haslam chats to Patricia M Osbourne

When author Beth Haslam was asked to chat about her Fat Dogs and her life in France by Patricia M Osbourne, she was delighted! Ant Press is busily working on the fifth book in the Fat Dogs and French Estates series, due out later this year.

The introduction by Patricia is as follows:

Patricia: We are popping over to France this week to hear from the lovely author, Beth Haslam. I first came across Beth on Twitter and in no time at all we’d built up a wonderful rapport. I was therefore delighted when Beth agreed to come along to Patricia’s Pen and chat about the birth of Fat Dogs and French Estates. It’s over to Beth.

Beth: I am honoured to be asked by Patricia to write a guest blog. Why? Because apart from being a lovely lady, I deeply admire her work and her generous support of fellow authors, both seasoned and new.

Patricia: Aw, thanks Beth. The feeling is equal, I can assure you.

Beth: I’m a storyteller. As far back as I can remember, I have written tales about my family and animals.

After graduating from university, aside from preparing endless business reports, a busy career stalled any erstwhile thoughts I might have had about progressing with my pen. Things eventually changed.

My husband, Jack, had worked his socks off for years too. When early retirement beckoned, we decided to buy a second home in a country with a warmer climate than England. We chose the south of France. Nothing grand, it would be a small house with enough land for me to walk our dogs and indulge my love for the countryside. A simple decision? In theory, perhaps…

Continue reading on Patricia M Osbourne’s Writing with Grace website.

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