A Parthenon on our Roof

A Parthenon on our Roof

Adventures of an Anglo-Greek Marriage

Peter Barber

Parthenon series, Book 1

A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy.
Gold medal winner. The Global Book Awards. Biographical – Travel.

This book, the first in the Parthenon series, takes us into the heart of Englishman Peter Barber’s adopted Greek family. Humour, love, beauty, a fiery wife and Greek culture are presented in a hilarious package, the perfect escapist read.

The Parthenon series by Peter Barber. Click a book to see it on Amazon.

Book Themes

Humour, Property, Travel, Greece, marriage, humour.

The Parthenon series

A Parthenon on our Roof: Adventures of an Anglo-Greek marriage

A Parthenon in Pefki: More Adventures of an Anglo-Greek marriage

Peter Barber?

Peter Barber was born in Watford, in the UK, and flits between Bedfordshire and Athens with his Greek wife. He spends as much time as possible in Greece messing about in boats, enjoying both the weather and the company, but mostly the food and wine.

Having nothing to do on a Greek island is time-consuming. When not trying to sink his boat and amusing the locals, Peter writes books.

The Parthenon series is a trilogy based on Greek life.

Connect with Peter Barber

Email: peterbarberbooks@gmail.com

Website: https://peterbarberwriter.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/peter.barber.771/

Twitter: www.twitter.com/greekwriting

Writing About Greece

Join the Facebook community, Writing about Greece, a group founded by Peter Barber and his wife, Alex, dedicated to Greece and people who love Greece.

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You have my undying gratitude for your patience, your kindness and all of your personal and extra help which has been vital to achieve this production. Let’s hope we can work together again on my next one ( which is half finished by the way!)

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