A Hat Trick for Roy Clarke

Congratulations to Ant Press author Roy Clark whose memoir, The Sunny Side of the Alps: From Scotland to Slovenia on a Shoestring, has just achieved a hat trick of Amazon No. 1s. It’s only 99c/99p until 7th December, so it’s a great time to grab a copy if you haven’t already read it.

Amazon Link: http://bit.ly/2tizhHM

No. 1 Bestseller in Serbia & Slovenia Travel Guides, Eastern Europe Travel, and Travel Tips.

Tired of soggy Scottish summers and voracious biting insects, Roy and Justi seize the day and leave the Scottish Highlands for Slovenia with a carful of their belongings, their border collie and the dream of a new life. The trouble is, they have little money, vague prospects and have never been to Slovenia. Adventures and near-death experiences await them in the hot summers and snowy winters of the Julian Alps, but will their passion for the great outdoors be enough to transform their dream into a practical reality?

Perfect for fans of Chris Stewart, Victoria Twead and Beth Haslam.

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Quite simply, Ant Press was fundamental to the success of my book. Self-publishing, particularly for a first-time author, feels daunting and lonely; Victoria’s input, proofing skills and thorough knowledge made the whole process easier and much more enjoyable. I cannot recommend Ant Press highly enough.

Sophie McCoy
Tales from the Coop