A free Kiss Behind the Castanets

FREE! FREE! FREE! If you enjoy true stories of people moving abroad then now’s a great time to download this bestselling book by Jean Roberts, one of Ant Press’s authors.

This book has already reached No. 1 in Continental Europe and the sequel will be out in a few months’ time, so the next few days are a terrific opportunity to read book one free as it returns to its normal price on 24th January 2020.

Here’s the synopsis:

When Jean buys a house in Spain following a breakdown, she dreams of vibrant Spanish art, passionate flamenco, and cocktails at sunset. Her glorified image of life abroad is crushed as she battles rogue tradesmen and vicious local wildlife.

From stalking a neighbour to encountering trees with testicles, will she weather the storms of expat life or wish she had never left the UK?

A Kiss Behind the Castanets is the first instalment of Jean Roberts’s lighthearted and uplifting tale in her Moving to Spain series.

Amazon Link: http://bit.ly/2VSsyfZ

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I have now published ebook, paperback and large print editions of my book. Thank you for encouraging an old first-time author.
With Ant Press anything is possible.

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